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Influencer Program

You have spent a lot of time and effort building your online following.  Now, cash in on it and get PAID to Jetski2Catalina with our priviate Influencer Meet and Greet program.

Influencer Program - How it works

Most companies will comp you a free adventure in exchange for tagging them in your posts and reels.  Not bad, but do they pay you in cash?  Not only is Jetski2Catalina the most innovative jetski adventure on the planet, so is our Influencer Program.   Here is how it works:

We setup a private Jetski2Catalina Adventure Day for you and a limited amount of your followers.  An Influencer Meet and Greet if you will.  You will enjoy our amazing adventure in a private setting with your friends, and get paid to do it.  Simply Invite your followers to join you on your fun adventure, and we will compensate you for every jetski they book.

Your compensations does not stop there.  You will be given a coded link to share with your followers after you complete your special day with us to book their own Jetski2Catalina Experience.  You will continue to get paid every time someone books from your link.   Long term residual income.

How Much Do You Get Paid

Influencer Meet and Greet
You will have the ability to invite 20, 30, 40 or 50 friends to join.  Your compensation is based upon tiers of how many friends actually book:

20 skis = $1000

30 skis = $1500

40 skis = $2500

50 skis = $4000

Want to do more than 1 Private Meet a Greet?  No problem.  We have celebs that join us multiple times a year.

Residual Income

Once you complete your special day with us, we will provide you a booking link that can be shared on all your social media platforms.  When someone clicks on your link and makes a reservation you will be paid $40 for every jetski they book.  Imagine, getting continued residual income day after day just for promoting an adventure you love.  If you like, you can also share the $40 with your followers with a 50/50 split.  In other words, you give your followers a $20 discount off their reservation and you keep the remaining $20.

More Information

Jetski2Catalina is one of the most highly sought out adventures in the world.  As such, we want to protect our brand and those that promote it.  If you are interested in pursuing a Private Influencer Meet and Greet with us, simply complete the following form and we will respond to you.  Or, DM us @jetski2catalina

Space is Limited:

Jetski2Catalina can only host a limited number of Influencer Meet and Greets per year.  

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