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* The minimum number of skis to make the trip to Catalina is 2.  If we have less than 2 skis book, we will ask if you can select another day, or we will refund your deposit.

* Price does not include items purchased on the island (lunch, souveniers, etc)

* Cancellation Policy:  All reservations cancelled more than 24 hr in advance will be able to reschedule for a future date.  Any reservation cancelled less than 24 hours will not be refunded and not rescheduled.

AlL Inclusive Pricing 

At Jetski2Catalina we include everything you need for an entire day of excitement and entertainment in one all-inclusive adventure price. Our day starts at 8am and ends at 5pm.

* INDIVIDUAL PRICING - $369 per Jetski

      - Includes:  Jetski, fuel, wetsuit, safety equipment, snorkeling gear, on water activities, guides

* ADDITIONAL RIDER PRICING - $45  (1 Additional rider allowed per Jetski)
​      - Combined weight of rider and passenger CANNOT exceed 400 lbs
      - Additional rider must be at least 10 years old

* GROUP PRICING - $335 per Jetski
    When booking 5 or more jetskis.  Group pricing applies to a single reservation of 5 or more skis.

* CHARTER BOAT RIDE-A-LONG - $999 (up to 6 passengers)
    Family and friends can enjoy your Jetski2Catalina Adventure from the comfort of our Charter Adventure Boat.

   - Boat passengers can participate in on-water activities with jetskiers

   - Passengers on adventure boat ride along with the jetski group

   - Charter Boat includes up to 6 passengers